1995 BMW 740i Q&A

1995 BMW 740i Question: Squeak

I have an annoying squeak (almost bird-like chirping) coming the the back seat area of my '95 740i. I've looked around but haven't been able to locate the source of the squeak. Any thoughts? -
Answer 1
May be the brake pad wear sensor beginning to hit your brake rotor, some brake pads come with a thin metal tab that hits the rotor and make a chirping sound warning you that your brake pads need replacement -
Answer 2
I have same car that had the same problem when I was idled at a stop light,etc...It turned out that a small bolt to the muffler hanger that secured the hanger against the chasis somehow vibrated loose. The problem was cured after the bolt was tightened/replaced--hope this helps :) -
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Very noticeable at low speeds and when getting out of car