sqeek on 1996 Toyota Tacoma

I have a squeek in the front end that will not go away. I have sprayed lude all over . Any suggestions

It could be that your ball joints have dried out. Are there any lube fittings on them? There should be an upper and a lower ball joint on each side. Good Luck !
how expenive are they
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i had a similar squeek. I replaced the bushings and it went away
I suggest that you map out everything in the front end that moves and redo the spraying with the help of a friend bouncing the front end while you lay underneath and spray and listen. When you have soaked everything and it still squeaks then it's the metal on metal exam. You do the same thing and try to isolate the side it is coming from and then have the friend boune the front using the bumper (each side) then the fenders by laying on them. We are looking for a metal squeak. I had a squeak as you describe and found that a metal tab on the front of the left fender was touching the bumper. I had to remove the wheel, but I knew that it was coming from the drivers side. Good Luck.