Sputtering and pulling to the left when reaching 60 MPH. on 2004 Volkswagen Passat

My '04 Passat has been hesitating and pulling to the left in and around 60 mph. The car will bog down, the yellow "!" will light up and the car will pull to the left. This problem started to happen after I had the CV joints replaced and may be a traction control sensor issue. I have brought this car in to my local VW dealer twice now and another local mechanic to no avail. Can anyone help?!?!?!?

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I think you have a traction control issue and it sounds unsafe to drive the car. Get it to a VW or German car specialist for a diagnosis.
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I can't help, but I can tell you the EXACT same thing is happening on my '04 Passat and I just had the Left Outer CV joints replaced as well. Same pull...same yellow light. I am taking it back to the repair shop. If I get an answer/fix, I will let you know.
Hey, this is the guy with the '04 Passat that had the same problem you did. Did you end up getting an answer or the issue fixed? I have brought it to multiple garages and no one knows how to fix it.