Saab 9-7x Problem Report

Saab 9-7x Sporadic Operation of All Wheel Drive System

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The wiring for the transfer case speed sensor can fail causing sporadic operation of the AWD (All Wheel Drive) system.

When I'm driving And i turn left or right. The car stops or staggers, or locks up. I can't pinpoint if its all wheel drive problem. I've taken it to shops, yes I've taken to a couple different shops and they think rear differential needs replaced(oil) or transmission. I think its what the problem says up top!! -
Only rear wheels provide traction in snow- 4WD does not automatically engage as it should -
NO traction at all in the snow/ice. It is supposed to engage when the back tires slip...only one of my tires is spinning. -
Car locks up when making slow sharp turns. Feels like engine is going to stop. -
when turning, the tires feel like they're rubbing against something or shaking -
Front tires do not engage in snow or slick conditions -
Had to replace front differential. The transfer case encoder seemed to be the issue after all said and done. Wheels would lock or shutter when turning into a parking space. It felt like a 4wd truck engaged and then suddenly driving on clear asphalt. -
The all Wheel Drive seems to be trying to engage when I stop at a Traffic Light that is on a slightly downward slope. I feel a slight nudge click several times. I this the speed sensor, transfer case, transmission. I am ready to do a Transmission Fluid / Filter change and though maybe it is a Hydraulic thing. The vehicle runs great other than that. My tires all match and shift great moving. -
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My husband changed the starter, then soon after the vehicle is now stuck in 4 wheel drive.