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Spitzer Parma
January 13, 2011

Took my srx in because the panoramic roof was not closing properly and I was told that it needed to be readjusted and the track needed cleaned. Not warranty covered so I payed outa of pocket to have it done. Aprox 2 months later u was having the same issue so I took it back in and I was told that it needed to be done again and they didn't understand why.. which this time there was not a charge but I was with out a vehicle and missed work to have it done. When I arrived to get the vehicle I was told that they were done to have a seat in yhe service area and someone would be with me.. I waited over an hr while looking and my car sitting there finished so then I went back to the counter and the man said that she had forgotten to come talk to me. So then he proceeded to tell me that the reason my roof was not working properly is because the motor needed to be replaced. I then stated to him that u should not be charged for the cleaning if it was the motor he said they had no way of knowing the motor was going out. He than said I should speak to his manager because he also debt feel like it was fair.
Due to the manager being gone for the day. I contacted him the very next day. The manager was very quick to say that there was nothing he could do and brush me off like I was wasting his time. I let him know I was not satisfied at all and would not recommend anyone to there establishment. He was not an easy person to talk to. I thought to my self if this was the other way and it was his vehicle or a family members of his he would of probably been a little more understanding.
Every chance I get I make sure to let anyone that needs any repairs done on their vehicles to stay away from spritzer!!
So much for their slogan our world revolves around u (what a joke)!! And as for the customer satisfaction guarantee stickers they have on the doors. Tell them what they wanna hear kinda slogan.. Too bad they don't back it up!!!!

Please be aware and avoid yourself the headache of being ripped off!

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