spitting oil on 1992 Toyota Corolla

My car which has 146000 miles on it with the engine being replaced at 100000 mile has had some problems lately holding oil. On drive over an hour the oil is being spayed into the engine compartment and i can not find the source. we have changed out the pcv value thinking that it was a build up of pressure inside the engine and this did not fix the problem the leak only show when there is a lot of temperature and while driving but does not occur when aleft in the drive way. Just wondering if anybody had any ideas as to where this leak may be coming from that i have not thought about


The Corolla engine is great and should not be building up pressure like this. We have a customer that put 464,000 on the one engine with no major repairs just frequent oil changes and tune ups.
The crankcase is "sealed" for pollution control. The PCV valve "recycles" the oil vapor. When driving does blue /grey smoke come out the exhaust? That would be a sign perhaps of bad piston rings that could cause blow bye and force oil out due to pressure build up in the crankcase. Can you see oil leaking from the valve cover gasket or coming from inside the timing cover. I have had the oil pump seal go out on a few of these and they sure make a mess. Pull back the timing cover and see if the timing belt is saturated with oil. Can you determine which side front/rear/ left/ right the oil leak is coming from. How much oil is the engine losing?
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check that the oil pressure switch is not pumping oil out after coming to temp. the oil pressure switch has pressure in it and somtimes the seal in the top goes bad it will start leaking after coming to temp and while driving