Spitting and sputtering on 1990 Nissan Pickup (D21)

Whenever I barely push the gas and push it to the floor, the truck runs fine. Anywhere between those spots the truck spits and sputters alot. I changed the oil, air filter, new spark plug wires, and turned the distrubuter and still no luck. Help me please.

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Throttle position sensor?
I had the same problem. Replaced the egr valve and it runs like new.
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I have the same Problem it happens at low rpms and chugs alot i have change sparkplugs to and no luck right now im trying to clean my injectors if i find the problem i will let you know!
I did the runaround of replacing parts. finally I tried disconnecting the wiring harness from the exhaust manifold oxygen sensor - then ir ran great. turns out it was a bad oxygen sensor sending bad information to the computer.
replace the vacuum lines
I had the same exact problem! At high rpms it bogs down it is the fuel pump! thats what mine was!
I have the same problem and I've replaced just about everything i can think of. I'm thinking it's either the differential or exhaust
i also had this issue, it started out with a little bit and then would sputter all the time unless the RPMs were pretty high, then i took out my exhaust manifold O2 sensor and it was broken completely, had some issues with the heat shield coming out, the AC lines where in the way, i dint have all my tools, i was on the road on vacation, so i only had my little tool box...and there is a big nut that the sensor screws into and that came out with it, took it to schucks and they got it free, but also stripped the threads, but i found a tap and rethreaded it, and i bought the new sensor and now it works great
I battled with a similar but it was not revving up intermittently and splattering when you want to pull away . I removed the fuel pipe at injector rail to fit a fuel pressure gauge cranked the engine with the pipe of and refitted the pipe after checking fuel pressure and my problem was solved
for some reason. must have been dirt in the fuel system.
It is more than likely your massair flow sensor. I went through wires, plugs, gas treatments and it still ran bad. When I got my new sensor it ran like a new truck.