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Speedy Auto Service by Monro
December 26, 2008

I took my 96 Toyota Land Cruiser to Speedy in 2004 because my brakes pedal was vibrating when the brakes were applied. Speedy said front rotors were warped and I needed new pads all the way around. I paid close to $900 and had all that replaced. Not more than a week later the pedal was vibrating again, so I went back in and they said the rotors had warped again. This time they "machined" them and sent me on my way. Less than a week later the pedal was vibrating again, so I was back to Speedy. This time they replaced the front rotors and sent me on my way. About 3 weeks later, the pedal was vibrating again. By this time, I'm starting to get really tired of spending my weekends without a car and having to find rides to Speedy. I did some checking and it sounded like the calipers needed to be replaced or adjusted. When I asked Speedy if maybe I needed to purchase some new calipers to prevent the rotors from warping again they said "nah" and then they machined all the rotors. A week later my pedal was vibrating again. But it wasn't just the pedal vibrating... i was losing braking power and it kept getting worse. So I finally took the truck to Daves Extreme Auto Sports, which use to be right down the street, and Dave said I needed new calipers. I ended up spending about $1000 for new racing calipers, racing rotors and racing pads that not only didn't vibrate but had 3 times the stopping power! Speedy fought me when I asked for them to refund my money. After all I paid them over $800 for brakes that never really worked for more than a week, and I spent many weekends sitting in their shop, wasting my time. They were total jerks, all the way up through their corporate offices. Listen closely to me. This place is every bit as bad as Midas, maybe worse. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever go to Speedy/Monro, ever. Seriously. These people are total crooks.

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