speedometer problem on 2000 Honda Civic

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i have a problem with my cluster my spedo seems to do what it wants and stay at 20 mph or 40 when in motion and some times starts to work . i replaced the cluster with a used one and worked and then started to do the same . any ideas??? coul it be a ground issue please help!!!!
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Usually with a ground issue you would have more than just a speedometer problem as the ground is used by other circuits also. I have not seen any issues with Civic speedometers. Since you already tried another speedometer (the assumption is that it's good) I would look to the speed sensor and the transmission. The speed sensor will count a sensor ring in the transmission. You could have a bad sensor, a worn transmission, or some issue with the wiring in between. A scanner that reads data would tell you what the computer is seeing and would help with diagnosis. If the scanner is erratic and mirrors the speedometer then you can start by looking at the output. A good visual inspection would be a good start too.
I have the exact same problem described above with my 2000 Civic EX - at 142k miles on the speedometer. No solutions suggested by two mechanics yet, they want to try replacing the cluster first, but the cost is too much for me just to try out. I am looking for a good plan of attack to resolve this, please.