Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Problem Report

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Speedometer or Other Instrument Panel Gauge May Work Erratically

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The speedometer or other instrument panel gauge may begin to work erratically at times. Our technicians tell us that the instrument cluster must be sent to a repair facility to correct this fault. The warranty has been extended on some of these units to 7 years or 70,000 miles.

At 40,000 miles the speedometer and tach worked off an on and now the speedometer works and the tach has stopped completely. The cd player went out at 50k and now the windshield washer fluid reservoir has a leak. I switched to Chevrolet because EVERY Ford I have ever bought has had Tie Rod problems. Chevrolet is very non-commital on recalls. We've also owned Toyotas and have never had any major problems and have gotten many many many miles on them. Folks it's all about making money but they are too dumb to understand that future business from a satisfied customer will aid them better in this endeavor. -
the whole front panel, all gauges dont work at all -
I had this problem. I sent the cluster off for repair,cost me 145.00,that included shipping it back to me. I used this web site He replaced all the motors on the gauges. He said the stock motors were junk from the factory. All the gauges use the same part number. -
I always, have NO GAS... sometimes a bump will make it read how much i actually have.... but you only have a few minutes to look, before it goes back to empty. -
all cluster panel stops working for awhile then comes back on after awhile no warning at all,battery starts over charging.had alternater checked and battery checked,all good. -
Fuel gage works whenever it feels like it. -
no gauge at all cluster panel replaced at 82000 now at 98000 its doing it again -
The gas gauge and mileage display just shuts down. No mechanical problems -
The speedometer stopped working. The needle would sometimes come up off the zero but wouldn't show the proper speed. Then the gas gauge start malfunctioning. I replaced the instrument panel and that fixed the problem. -
Abou two weeks ago the entire gauges stopped working. Dealer ship wants $1000 to fix it. lol -
mileage and PRND123 not visible -
Instrument cluster "stepper motors" are giving up. Speedometer not working; tachometer intermittent. Found inexpensive replacement part: Rock Auto....(rebuilt all stepper motors by Dorman Products)....part #599-300....approx. $180 including return shipping on core. Incredibly easy to install yourself. Front panel molding just snaps off....several bolts hold the cluster in integrated plug serves all gauges....about a 10 minute job. You can find videos of the repair process on 'You tube." Dealer wanted nearly $600 for this repair. -
On or about 28 Sep 12, I stopped at the end of my driveway to let my son check for mail in my postal box. Upon looking down at my gauges, I noticed that the speedometer was stuck on 40 (+) mph and I was not even moving; I pulled on into my driveway and parked my truck. Later that afternoon, I went back out to the truck and with the ignition off, the speedometer indicated 40 (+) mph. I inserted the key and cranked the truck and the speedometer dropped some 4-5 mph - I repeated this action several times and the speedometer finally fell back to 0 mph. The next day I drove the truck to work (12 + miles) and by the time I got there the speedometer was stuck on well over 120 mph, and it has been there ever since. I do not want to wear the starter out just trying to get the speedometer back to zero just so it will climb to 120(+) mph daily when I drive to work. This appears to be a genuine GM problem that should be corrected by a recall. Another instrument problem I have experienced is the "oil pressure" gauge is always and has always been on the MAX posiition. I bought this truck (used in 2008 with 22,000 miles) from Allison Chevrolet in Sylva, NC just before dear old Chevrolet yanked their dealership from this family owned business. Please contact me at Sincerely, Tony Webb Clyde, NC -
Same problem -
Speedometer would go up, but not come back down, then it would go up as you sped up as if the previous points 0, until it reached the right side. Went to website below and sent it off to have it fixed. -
Cluster not working and very erratic. it switches languages, or gets stuck in one language other than english. Odometer cannot be accessed. It is currently stuck on the trip meter. This week the problem has spread to the tach. It sits at the high point, even when the truck is stopped. -
speedometer sometimes works ok and sometimes gives bad reading. can be driving 30 on speedo and actually doing 50. waiting on fix. -
Speed gage doesn't work -
Fuel gauge and speedometer work erratically. Usually just one of them but sometimes both at the same time. Now check brake system light keeps flashing on when I hit a bump, not just when I apply brake. -
Fudge cluster comes on and off as your driving but mostly off unless you push the reset mileage button and as long as you hold it in all gauges work ! It's very sad that a truck that sold for over $30,000 has all this little problems that almost made me burn up engine do to busted radiator and to temp gauge working at time . I also have had AC problems with three Silverado trucks .two 1999 Silverado z71 with 5.3 and one 2000 with 4.8 and two malibu's . Both malibu's the AC would change on its own from recirculate inside air to the outside and the car would get hot from the outside air . All three trucks have blend actuator door problems that is nearly impossible to get to and cost leg and arm to replace! That's the shit that really makes me want another American made Chevy . My Toyota the only thing I ever replaced was tires and oil so tell me again why I keep buying Chevy? -
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