Speedometer not working on 1993 Ford F-150

My 1993 Ford F150 4x4 speedometer began moving from 0-100 mph unexpectantly. I would keep going back anf forth for about 4 minutes and then it would work like it is supposed to. However, last week when I drove the truck, the speedometer did not work at all and the ABS warning light is lit on the dash. I also found out that my 4x4 does not work when I tried to get out of my driveway in the snow.
Any ideas as to the problem? Thanks.

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I would focus on the ABS issue, retrieve the diagnostic codes from the ABS Control Module and perform a diagnosis. The vehicle speed signal is often provided from the ABS System, so any issue with the ABS could cause this problem.
If you need a repair manual to do this, try here for a free one: or go to or and get an online repair manual subscription.