Speedometer noise on 1990 Honda Accord

1st of all this is a 1986 Accord LXI 2.0 fuel injected. I was having speeedometer noises and erratic speeds, sounded like something loose on left side of car. I replaced the cable and noise went away temporarily as did errratic behavior. Both have returned. Could it now be the speedo itself? The car has 311k miles. I should also mention that I used the lube that came with the cable instead of white lithium grease. Could that also be causing this? the original cable itself was fine, but casing was bad, bad wear places.

by in Mebane, NC on February 27, 2009
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ANSWER by on February 27, 2009
It certainly sounds like the speedometer cable is noising. Check the routing of the cable make sure it has no tight bends. Disconnect the cable at the speedo end end and see if the noise changes. Try re lubricating the cable before abandoning that cable. If noise still remains the speedo head is your next most likely problem.
COMMENT by on February 28, 2009
Thanks for the reply autotechpat. I routed the new cable exactly as the old one, and didn't see any optional routes. But I'll try relubing it after disconnecting from the speedo first.
COMMENT by on February 28, 2009
Sorry forgot to mention drive car first with speedometer disconnected from the speedometer head to see if noise goes away or changes in any way. If it goes away totally the problem must be in the speedo head.
COMMENT by on March 01, 2009
I understood the disconnect and drive part!!
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