speedometer jumping on 2003 Dodge Ram 1500

My ABS light stays on and the speedometer jumps up and down even when motor isn't running. Still registers right speed while driving though. I've tried reseting speedo and no change. Anybody have any ideas??

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This sounds like a possible speed sensor or ABS control module problem. A diagnosis of the ABS system is needed.
were is the ABS controle module
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Unplug your abs module under the master cylinder, put you finger in the port and see if you pull out condensation.water, look at the plug and see if it is wet or moisture, spray with electrial cleaner and ad if you have an air chuck, blow it dry or wait till it drys, put some electrical compound anti corsion stuff on it and plug it in and you should be good to go...another fine designe...some one should ask dodge how water is getting into this unit. It worrked for me, what you have is a short from water making you speedo and insterment cluster freak out, I havent tried putting silicone in there because after all you might need to unplug it again.