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1992 Ford F-150 Question: speedometer does not work

a month ago my truck's curise controll stopped working now the speedometer does not working. Replace the speed sensor however, this did not repair the speedometer. -
Answer 1
speedometer cable is replaceable about $25 http://bit.ly/ednDY and if that dose not repair the problem its the speedometer head. -
Answer 2
can not fine were on how to replace speed sensor i have a 1993 ford f-150 v -8 -
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My 1993 Ford F150 4x4 speedometer began moving from 0-100 mph unexpectantly. I would keep going back anf forth for about 4 minutes and then it would work like it is supposed to. However, last week ...
changed out the whole rear end and now the speedomoter jumps when i get to 50mph.It jumps to 100 then back down etc.