Speedometer on 1990 Nissan Maxima

Last year i bought a 1990 Maxima from an older lady who was the original owner and she kept it well maintained. The speedo has stopped working and before it actually stopped it would work off and on and it seemed the only time it would work would be early in the day or when i would start it and drive for a little bit and the when i would come to a stop it would stop. All of my other gauges would work except for the speedo and recently i bought a salvaged instrument cluster and replaced the old one thinking it would be the solution but it still doestn work. I saw the other question about the speed sensor and my cruise control hasnt worked since i purchased the vehicle. Can someone help me out?

by in Tuttle, OK on April 19, 2010
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ANSWER by on April 19, 2010
The Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) is the usual failure it is mounted on the transmission two wires, green/ orange and green. Look at www.rockauto.com they will probably have an illustration of the part.
ANSWER by on April 20, 2010
what kinfd of timing belt a nissan frontier 2003 crew cap has,rubber or chain?
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