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1999 Nissan Frontier Question: Speedometer

My speedometer is very eratic....doesn't work at all sometimes....other times it says Im doing 80 when im in a 30mph zone????? -
Answer 1
Could be a variety of reasons for this. We have seen Vehicle speed sensors and or gear, speedometer head or even a unified meter control cause this kind of issue. Most common is a Vehicle speed sensor (VSS). Need to check for codes in computer. If it has a P0500 most of the time that turns out to be something with the VSS. If not would need to run some tests to track down problem. -
Answer 2
Common problem with these instrument clusters. We repair these and many other instrument clusters at a very reasonable price. Visit http://www.mrwhizard.com for more information. -
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The speedometer stopped working altogether so we replaced the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor). Now the speedometer...
Are these related issues? What could be the issues? Possibly the instrument panel cluster needs to be replaced? Also, is it an easy fix that and the avg mechanically inclined person can correct?
I got a Nissan Frontier 4X2 XE with a 4cyl engine. Could this be a senser? or just a messed up gauge. The thermostat has been replaced.
I have tried a new switch no change.Have checked grounds under hood.