Speedo, tach and engine temp gauges on 1995 Nissan Pathfinder

The engine temp gauge is very slow to move and only gets up to about the 1st bar. With the heater on, it gets pretty warm, but not hot. The speedometer was working intermittently but is out now. The ECU gives a 14 code for the vehicle speed sensor. The tach jumps up to 1000 right away, but decreases as the engine speed does. With some expensive sensors involved, I'd rather try to find a simpler problem like a grounding issue. However, the Chilton book didn't have a wiring diagram or any other information that I could find for the electronic instrument cluster. All of the lights and turn signal indicators are working fine though. Any ideas?

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You may have a thermostat that is stuck open, causing the low gauge reading and the low heater output.
The other problem may be related to the instrument voltage stabilizer. This regulated the voltage to the gauges at a steady voltage so they don't fluctuate when the voltage changes. I have a 1992 Pathfinder and had similar issues, and had to replace it. You'll need to look into it to see if the 1995 has this part.