2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Q&A

2002 Dodge Ram 1500 Question: Speedo and Odometer not working and ABS light and brake light on

Speedo and Odometer not working , abs light and brake light are on what could be the problem ? -
Answer 1
I had the same Problem on my 1999 2500 RAM it was the rear ABS sensor mounted on the Rear Axle -
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is it possible that both sensors could go out ? -
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The rear ABS sensor mounted on the rear axle also acts as a speed sensor to let the abs system know the speed of the vehichle -
Answer 2
Did anyone find an answer yet? I have the same problem. ABS, Airbag and Parking Brake light on. No speedo, a/c. Anyone out there have any ideas. We replaced the speed sensor and the abs sensor in the rearend. We are at a loss -
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Yes I did get this fixed. It was the ABS Module. It's best to go to the dealer and have it fixed since you have to have the VIN flashed and computer reprogramed after the work is done .. its roughly 550.00 -
Answer 3
No need to get your ABS Module replaced... they only tell you this to get more money. I fixed mine by simply unplugging the ABS Module that's located directly behind the battery. The plug connector on Dodge's has a problem letting moisture/water get into the plug. Use an air hose to blow out the moiture and you can even let it dry out for a bit. Then plug back in, and the problem should be fixed. -
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I tried to disconnect that plug and everything around it started to break apart. I lifted the red insert and cannot get the plug loose. But, I noticed there is an opening totally displaying the electronic board, so I am sure it got wet. What do I do now? -
Answer 4
Sounds like my prob. Cheack out your abs computor eather went bad or wireing is broken. If its a van its under the battery. Dont let this go may be shorting out like mine and almost went on fire because it is still hot even with the key off! -
Answer 5
Check the ABS computor . -
Answer 6
I don't know how to post a question, but hopefully someone can help me with a similar problem? I have a 2006 Durango that the reverse light is stuck on, this has recently killed 2 batteries before I found out that it was the reverse light stuck on. This is not the only issue I have had with my durango and all if it seems to be electrically related. I have taken this into the dealership a dozen times with them not finding anything and $$$ later I am still out with these issues. If someone would kindly assist, please let me know or send me an email please. czar.20.78 at gmail.com Thanks -
Answer 7
rear transmission censor cost $31.00 -
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I'm having the same peoblem on my 1998 dodge 1500 I replaced the abs speed sensor and output speed sensor and still no speedo or odometer or heat can anyone help me I'm low on cash and sick of buying useless parts . And my truck is starting to stall while deiving and I literally watch my fuel go down and it will start to stall so I have to pull over and then watch my fuel go back up to where It should be is this the pump or sensor ? Or is it because of my exhaust I'm running out of ideas what It could be ? -
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I am having the SAME EXACT PROBLEM as you Dylan (with my '02 Durango). Any solutions found? -
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sounds like your ignition switch. pretty common with dodge. The switch turns back far enough to light up the dash and kill the heat but not the engine. -
Answer 8
I have a 99' Dodge RAM 2500. It started to not clear ABS and Airbag lights upon startup (go off for a second and then relight. Then if you try to operate truck, the speedometer would not work (no ODO on mine). Also, if you listen for shifting carefully, the truck was not shifting properly (probably due to no speed input - and this would explain drastically diminished MPG). At any rate after some searching, I saw that someone found a similiar problem that was due to a bad ignition switch. I played with starting and shutting off truck several times. Things tended to work better when it was hot outside. But, it also seemed like situation was decaying. But, once I accidently bumped switch (after lights did not clear) and then they cleared - this happened only once. So, I replaced ignition switch (about $63 at Auto Zone) and now everything is operating normally all the time. -
Answer 9
I was told my ECU was bad. -
Answer 10
On my 99 Dodge 2500 4x4 PU, it was the ABS Differential sensor that was Bad! Replaced it and the problem was solved. Part cost at Napa $34.95. -
Answer 11
I have problems with my speedometer what could be the issue -
Answer 12
I replaced the abs sensor on the differential and it went away -