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1993 BMW 325i Question: speed gauges shutting off

so, recently i removed my stereo for a while. and ever since then. my speedometer/RPM/temperature/and fuel gauge all at once, shut off while the car is running, and then they will turn back on seconds later. sometimes it went 2 - 3 minutes before it came back on. i have gotten a new stereo which i installed. and it still does it. -
Answer 1
When you removed you stereo you likely caused this problem. Check the wiring real good, it's possible you disconnected or cut a wire? -
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okay, now they dont work at all. the gauge for how much gas i have, the engine temp, the speedometer and RPM, and the mileage meter are all not working, i looked at the fuses and they look fine. though im not sure exactly which fuse is the one for these gauges. please help me. i cant afford a mechanic right now. -
Answer 2
I had the same problem. It seemed to get worse when it was hot outside. I ended up buying a used instrument cluster and changed it out. It seems to be working fine now. -
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howmuch was the used one ? i am trying to buy a car and they said they are having this problem .. i wanted to add up my cost -
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Dude, just look it up... around 100$ for mine -