2002 Ford E-150 Q&A

2002 Ford E-150 Question: spark plugs or cam senser

drove through a flooded street.since then van sputters;somtimes jerks.chk engine lite came on;diag says cam senser.growing worse,now stalling -
Answer 1
Not entirely sure, but since you mentioned the flooded street, I would pay extra attention to sensors and connectors especially low and see if there are any issues there. Also, take a look at your air cleaner - your air filter - is it damp or does it show signs of being wet? Wondering if the deep water almost got ingested, could have fouled the mass air flow sensor, etc. Has the vehicle stalled at all? Sometimes that can set the P0320/P0340 codes as a result and could mean really nothing to go on. -
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about 2 months ago,during a heavy downpour;i drove through a flooded street.scince that time the van idles fine but when i give it the gas it sputters;sometimes jerks.the check engine light came on...