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1995 Chevrolet Corvette Question: spark plugs and wires

what should a decent tune up kit cost? plugs,wires,distributor cap,roter and PCV valve -
Answer 1
Take a look at the maintenance schedules and estimates on RepairPal: http://repairpal.com/estimator This should give you an idea--you're looking for the major service--it's probably the 60k or 90k. -
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I have 132,000+ miles. The problem is intermittent. I checked plug wires and they appear fine. My air filter does need replacing. I replaced the plugs at around 110,000 miles with NKG plugs.
vehicle was stored in garage for 3 years. It was running when it was stored, but after replacing the battery, it fails to start. What can I expect repairs to be. It is a 1989 corvette roadster.
I already have a new optispark and a new waterpump for the job