2000 Ford F-150 Lightning Q&A

2000 Ford F-150 Lightning Question: spark plugs

What is the best spark plug for my truck I have heard horror stories about 3 valve motors but mine is two but would like to know which plug is the best for me. thanks -
Answer 1
stick with the original equipment plugs. autolite or champions are fine. roy -
Answer 2
Agree with Roy, important to add a dab of "Never seize" to the thread of the spark plug to avoid the plug seizing in the cylinder head in the future. -
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Our technicians tell us the spark plugs in this engine can be very difficult to remove. Ford has issued a service bulletin (08-7-6)...
...due to excessive spark plug gap. To fix this problem, the ignition coils that have failed, the spark plugs, and all coil boots should be replaced.
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