spark plugs on 2005 Chevrolet Aveo

I did a tune up on my car i saw that motor oil is going to my spark plugs how do i repair this problem.

by in Newark, NJ on January 13, 2010
7 answers
ANSWER by on January 14, 2010
This is likely from a leaking valve cover gasket.
ANSWER by on March 06, 2010
what is 1st plug
ANSWER by on March 07, 2010
where is number 1 spark plug on moter
ANSWER by on April 15, 2010
Sounds like you're spilling the oil when filling and it's dripping down into the park plug tube
ANSWER by on April 17, 2010
I had the same issue. Replace valve cover gasket. and you will be good to go.
ANSWER by on May 04, 2010
valve cover gasket
ANSWER by on July 30, 2011
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