spark plugs on 2003 Volkswagen Passat W8

The mechanic told me that to replace the spark plugs that he is going to have to take out the engine. Is that true? How often do they need to be replaced and how much should they run?

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My book time shows 2 hours labor to replace the plugs, replace them with platnum plugs and they will last for years
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THAT MECHANIC IS AN IDIOT AND/OR A CROOK! You can do it yourself in about an hour. No power plant removal required. The part(s) are available at any auto store or on line and average 6.00 each. RUN don't walk away from the remove your motor idiot. He will hurt or ruin your W8!
I changed mine the other day and took 35 minutes. Just need a torx set and remove the five bolts on each of the intake plenums and then just pull the coil packs out and remove the plugs. Easy as pie. I tried copper core champion plugs which are about $2 each. Only recommended for 3-5000 miles but for $16 I can change them every oil change.
just had the plugs done on our w8.was done as part of thermostat r&r ran 1200 bucks, first and last vw i will ever own. for that money i could buy a new honda engine.
our mechanic didnt yank the engine to do the work, just the manifolds.