1994 Infiniti Q45 Q&A

1994 Infiniti Q45 Question: spark plugs

Would like to buy this car,owner said is running a little rough because it needs a tune up.Is it easy to change spark plugs for this car...Need some help before buying it. -
Answer 1
These cars have problems with ignition coils, misfire due to ignition failure does not identify failing cylinder and people end up replacing all the coils (expensive). I wouldn't buy this car unless it is got running smoothly. Q45 is a lot of car but seen electrical problems. -
Answer 2
Be careful, the injectors go bad due to ethanol (10%) in gas destroying the injector coils. The engine will run rough like a bad sparkplug. Have it checked by a competent Q45 tech before going any further. These can be expensive cars to maintain at this age. -
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