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1999 Chevrolet S10 Question: spark plugs

how do i change the spark plugs in a 1999 S10? -
Answer 1
I show the spark plugs on the side of the head with the spark plug wires attached. If this is not the case on your S10 then they are probably under the ignition module/coil assembly on top of the engine. -
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We have the funny TBI unit engine and one spark plug is located so close to the steering arm that we can't get the rachet attached to the socket once the socket is on the plug. There's simply not ...
...preciate the help / ideas / suggestions...thanks what do i check next??? going to pull the spark plugs but i don't know what else to look for.
what type of tools does it take to replace the spark plugs
The spark plug wire rubber boots may get soaked with oil, causing a misfire or rough idle.