Spark Plug Replacement on 1998 Subaru Forester

Do I need special tools to replace the spark plugs? How do I get the wires off?

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You don't need any special tools to change spark plugs.
When removing the wires grab the wire by the boot and pull off with a slight twisting motion. If the wires have been on for a while some of them can be stubborn to get off. As for tools needed get the proper size spark plug socket, extention, and ratchet and gap gauge. A universal is also handy to have. When replacing the spark plugs it is often easier to use a piece of rubber hose that the spark plug fits tightly into. Then insert the plug into the hole and turn in. remove hose and tighten with socket.
Thanks a bunch. I pulled on one a little but thought I better stop and ask before I broke something. Great idea about the rubber hose.