spark plug location on 2002 Saturn Vue

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where are the spark plugs located on a 2002 saturn vue with the 3.0 liter v6 in it
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Under the intake down in the center of the valve covers under the coil packs, you have to take the plastic snap cover off the top of the intake and there are torx screws way down in the holes and one on the out side on pasenger side down beside the place where the air pipe connect's and you have to unhook the fule line (Takes a 3/8" GM line wrench) you have to push it in to the top of the connector to get the line off. I tied the intake to the hood with a pice of rope on driver side to hole it up then remove the coil packs and you will see the plugs way down in the hole (FYI) replace with very good plugs you dont want to do this twice..(might want to replace the intake gasket also) I had to go back later and do the valve cover gaskes also