Spark plug brand and recommended gap on 1999 Chevrolet Metro

I have a 1999 Chevy Metro Lsi with 1.3 liter four cylinder. I have an after-market hood without the stock information, so i do not have the spark plug gaping info which I need. I also would like a recommendation on which brand of plug to use and the reasons for it.

Asked by for the 1999 Chevrolet Metro
Well the spark plug gap is .040 to .043 as for the brand the correct plug that came out of the vehicle was a Denso pt. num. K20PR-U11, an alternative to this plug could be an NGK brand pt. numBKR5EKB11 both plugs will work very well for this application, my reasoning for using these plugs would be that the manufacturer is definetly smarter than I am, so I use what they recommend. As for some of those aftermarket plugs out there that say they will improve performance or gas mileage, we pull those out of bad running cars all the time, and put the right ones back in.
Thanks that was just the answer and the reasoning I needed.
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