spark plug on 2004 Ford Expedition

i bought some E3 spark plug and i was wonding sould i get a better type or brand of plug just dont want to put the rong parts to make problems.

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Personally, I have never been a fan of aftermarket gadget products that promise great things. The factory manufactuer's research and development departments have multi-billion dollar budgets. Why would they not use these products if they did so much for the performance? My opinion.
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E3/Splitfire/Bosh 2/4/whatever are all gimmicks. Get yourself whatever set of Autolite plugs you need for ANY application and you'll be a happy camper. I use them in my Cobra, buddies use them in their cars, 500+whp supercharged guys use them with a very tiny gap and an aftermarket igntion box to keep the supercharger from blowing out the spark etc... And they'll be way cheaper than the gimmick plugs not to mention probably last longer and better quality too.