Spark knock, How to get rid of it? on 2010 Jeep Wrangler

3.8 motor, manual trans.Did more in hot weather. BUT still happens when motor is running temp. I have 33,000 miles. It is definitely Spark knock or motor ping. I have read a lot about it however would like to hear from this site. Only pings when accelerating. Help me please?

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Pull your air breather hose off and you will see oil all in you air intake . If you take off your pcv valve and cap the air Intake side and then flush the carbon from your pistons with water and then it will not come back . But don't hook the pcv valve back up
Needs to be hooked to a scanner to monitor data-fuel trim , CTS , O2s ,etc. Poss. running lean or faulty knock sensor. Could be lots of things, diagnose may be cheaper than guessing.
Thank you. I have an Actron scanner that will show live perameters. Do you know of any numbers to go by? OR what I need to look for on the fuel trim? Will the KNOCK sensor throw a code out? ... I do not have any lights on , on the dash. Thanks CM
Have someone else drive it and watch the spark advance and knock sensor activity. Before you get to far into it.......2010 and 33,000 miles- Check your warranty book(s)- may be covered under warranty Federal emissions warranty on some items goes past the standard manufacturers powertrain warranty of 3/36..............back to the other stuff--LTFT should be close to 1.00 +/- .03 check coolant temp.-should be between 210 & 220F fully warmed up.Any aftermarket mods?
No mods yet. All stock. Bought Jeep used w/ 23000miles. Thanks for the info I will check it out.