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Southtowne Hyundai Isuzu Suzuki
August 07, 2011

Concerning Southtowne Hyundai Isuzu, Inc. 7665 Highway 85, Riverdale, GA 30274-3968 Phone: (770) 471-1000

I am filing a formal complaint against Southtowne Hyundai Isuzu in Riverdale, GA for their refusal of service to my vehicle. Following is a timeline of events that lead to this complaint:

I started taking my 2002 Isuzu Trooper (80k miles) to Southtowne Hyundai Isuzu, Inc. located at 7665 Highway 85, Riverdale, GA 30274-3968 in September of 2010 for service of sensors replacement in the amount of $578.93. I had the scheduled oil change on January 8th 2011. From April to May of 2011 the vehicle was not operational due to a fuel sensor malfunction. I had the truck towed to Southtowne on May 25th 2011 for repair of this problem; I informed them before hand that the vehicle was sitting for that period of time. When the car was diagnosed during this visit the technician originally stated that the engine was “knocking, smoking and needed a new engine for $3375”. After further diagnosis by other technicians I was then told that the engine was fine and all it needed was some maintenance. The dealer had the vehicle from 5/25/2011 to 6/06/2011. I proceeded to repair the “diagnosed” problem for the cost of $832.43. From June 6th 2011 to June 11th 2011 the vehicle would cut-off while driving. I took the vehicle back on June 11th 2011 and the technicians could not diagnose the problem at this time and had me note when the engine cut-off and the conditions in which it happens.
On June 20th 2011 I took the vehicle back for diagnosis and was told that a speed sensor harness was frayed and was the cause of the engine problem. I proceeded to repair this problem for the cost of $249.38 I picked up the vehicle on June 22nd 2011 and the vehicle shut off that day. I took the vehicle back on June 23rd 2011 and the problem could not be diagnosed. At this time I placed a complaint with Isuzu America Case#11186002. Picked up vehicle on June 24th 2011.
I then took the vehicle back on July 5th 2011 because the check engine light came on. The dealer replaced the speed sensor at their cost and stated that this would solve the problem of the engine cutting off. Picked up the vehicle on Friday July 8th 2011 and on Sunday the 10th of July 2011 the engine light came on and the engine proceeds to cut off. I took the vehicle to AutoZone and had the sensor code read and it came up as a Speed Sensor error. Over the next month I proceeded to quantify the problems. The engine proceeded to cut-off on July 13th, 15th, 19th, 25th and the 26th; I then took the vehicle back on July 29th for my standard oil change and to diagnose the engine cut-off issue. I informed them to hold the car until later next week in order for them to diagnose the problem. I called Southtowne on August 4th 2011 and was informed for a second time that the engine was knocking. Shelley (current Service Consultant) informed that the oil was a quart low and that was not the problem, she also informed me that the owner and the service manager would contact me.
The owner Mr. Hal Philipson and the service manager Mennow Jordan called me and proceeded to tell me they refuse to do anymore work towards the vehicle and that since the engine was replaced somewhere else that they would not work on it. Mr. Philipson also stated that no matter the amount of money spent at his dealership ($1683.74) they will no longer work on the vehicle. Mr. Philipson was very unbecoming as a business owner and seemed irate that I would bother him and his employees with these issues.
Over the past year I continued to go to this business because of the wonderful customer service of its employees (Ms. Wileen Dudley). This car was solely serviced by Southtowne Hyundai Isuzu, Inc and over the last year and spent ($1683.74) during this time to maintain this vehicle. While the vehicle was in the care of Southtowne Hyundai Isuzu, Inc the engine was damaged twice by their qualified technicians.

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