sounds like it'll turnover but no start after 3 cranks and white smoke wkly on 2008 Ford F-350 Super Duty

truck sounds like it's going to start but will not after 3 cranks ... battery is anywhere between 12.9-14.2 ... may turnover after trying 2-3xs but not always ... will start when it is jumped w/no problems ... also lost of white smoke eventhough it's run for over 100 miles in a weekend at speed over 60mph on country roads ... fuel injector pump or oil pump or can it be tank delamanation? HELP

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what motor could be alot of things. diesel o boy and if diesel do you have any codes?
no codes r coming up .... it's a diesel 6.4 ... did system check and all good
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what codes are there?
no codes ... did system check and everything ok