2006 Chrysler Town & Country Q&A

2006 Chrysler Town & Country Question: Sound in drivers front side

My car sounds like it has a flat tire on the drivers side of the car. -
Answer 1
poss the tire is separating at the steel band inside.have it ck'd by your tire guy or mech -
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I'm not getting any pull from the tire. Is that normal? -
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Answer 2
Check the wheel bearing as well while you're there. -
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The tires are new & show no wear on them, around it or the sides. I had front brakes & rotors done 7 months ago. The sound never stops & sounds like a flat tire. No pulling on the car. I drive my husband to work the high speed is 45 but it makes the sound at all speeds, the longer I drive the louder the sound. -
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