sonata,2011,2.0 turbo 22,000 mi maint.schedule.What is it going to cost me? on 2011 Hyundai Sonata

I have extended warranty on the vehicle Can anyone tell me why is the 2.0 turbo,Sonata is having a serious issue with the Electric Waste gate actuator sticking....twice in 3 months.3 wks ago my coil went bad.If I did not have Extend.. Warranty I would have had to pay for a rental for 3 days... $100 thats B>S>If its the Manufactures dilemma why dont they pick up the cost.Has anyone else had that problem w/the turbo?

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The dealer is always going to try to get some money for some kind of service even if it is covered.
Most people just pay it and go on but i be D... if i would or should you.
As for your turbo, we don't see these cars until warranty is over. At least at the shop,so i can't tell you
what the problem is without checking it myself. Nobody else really can either, just guess and that's moot.
You are right it is B.S.!
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agree with wetry
First , yes I agree with wetry. Second , the 'extended' warranty conditions shouldn't even be in play , yet, if it only has 22K on it. THAT should still be bumper to bumper manufacturers warranty. With all the paperwork B.S. and monstrously monstrous information books that come with new cars these days , one of them should be a warranty info guide (at LEAST one). READ IT!!!!! Look for phrases like 'lemon law' and 'buy-back' and 'three times a charm' (maybe three times a charm won't be in there , but hey it's worth a shot). Good luck.
Hi Zip,That wil be.50¢ please.
Do you take rubber checks?........never mind...Hi Bruce , Hi Greg , Greg I finally checked out your website, NICE shop!..........This is all 'moot' if they don't reply , right?
ty i try to keep a good shop
it doesnt matter what the turbo is doing if you have ext warranty you dont have to pay maybe a deductible depending on the plan you have
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