Sometimes I Hear A Noise When I Shift From Park To Drive on 2001 Pontiac Bonneville

Could It Possibly Be My Transmission

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What kind of noise? If you are hearing and or feeling a clunk, you might have a bad engine and or transmission mount.
Its more like a popping and its coming from the front end. and sometimes you can hear it in reverse
This sounds like somthing is loose. It would be imposible to know for sure what is causing this noise without looking at the vehicle. Was there event that took place or any work performed on the car just before it occured?
well Last week i got spark plugs serpentine belt and a new water pump but sometimes also i hear that noise when the engine hesitates and the cause for the engine hesitates is because i was told i need a mass air flow sensor
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if u hear the noise when shifting forward or reverse and feel vibration during drive, possible U joint.