1997 Chrysler Town & Country Q&A

1997 Chrysler Town & Country Question: Sometimes downshifts from 2 to 1 I feel or hear a bit of a clunk lately. Why?

When I'm slowing down to a Stop sign for example. The past summer the transmission had gone into limp mode twice on the hottest of days. I don't remember the diagnostic codes, but I think it had to do with temperature and low/rev selanoid. It was a quart low on tranny fluid so I added a quart of ATF+3. It's been mostly fine since except for the clunk noise I heard and felt above at times. -
Answer 1
you might have a shift soilnode gone bad that might cause a slip hard shifting. It also can be bad as clutches burnt drums inside the transmission that are bad because it was ran low on fluid. Whats color is the fluid? does the fuild look dark or smells burnt? take a bright light and look at the oil at a angle and if you see anything reflecting back at you like it got flakes is bad new, will need reebuild or new trans -