Someone tried to steal my Corolla. Had to replace the electrical ignition switch on 1990 Toyota Corolla

With the key out of the key cylinder the steering wheel isn't locked but when I insert the key and move it to accessory, it locks. Also the shifter stays locked continuously. The car is an automatic. The car is acting just the opposite of what it should. Is the cylinder damaged that attaches to the steering column?

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Was the lock cly damaged? I so, replace it. Ckeck to see if the brake lights still work, possible blown fuse for the shifter interlock. Check that first.
I didn't see any damage to the lock cylinder. The car cranks and the brake lights work.
Replace the lock cylinder and be SURE the ignition starter switch is the right part! (For auto trans) It's not sending the signal to the shifter lock for some reason! Manual trans switch will fit and crank the engine but will not unlock the shifter, ok!!
I ordered the ignition starter switch through Toyota by VIN#. The lock cylinder was still in place. The ignition switch was busted apart. What are the chances of the inside of the housing for the lock cylinder and the ignition switch causing the problem. I can hear and feel it clicking inside that area when I turn the switch. I replaced the lock cylinder and there is no difference with the condition of the car.