Someone help please? on 1994 Nissan Sentra

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I was driving my car and I stopped at a stop light. I put the car in reverse then switched back to drive. The car made a noise that sounded like a something being stuck in a fan while its running. Then the car would not move it was still running though. After a few minutes I tried to put it back in reverse and it sounded like gears grinding on a stick shift but my car is automatic. After a few more minutes the temp hand went up to almost hot so I turned it off. What could this be?
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Since i cant see your car here is my guess: drive axle problem and radiator cooling fan(s) not working! This will have to be seen to confirm of course. Does "park" still work ok,, keep the car from rolling?
yes park works but it almost sounded like a belt may have broke it was shifting a little hard when I put it in reverse but other than that it drove fine up until then