Solution to diagnosing the vehicle on 2008 Honda Accord

The instrument cluster is not displaying anything other than the digital clock. The radio is also not working

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After checking what wetry suggested , if not resolved , please reply here with what info you have available and what tools/test equipment you have , if you are doing this yourself,so we know how to guide you. Let us know how many fuse boxes you checked and their locations.
I have checked the fuses and they are okay. I also observed that all the gauges are not working including the tachometer and the speedometer , on putting a launch diagnostics machine, it gave me these codes: U0155 and 86-01. Please I will also like to have a soft copy of the manual and also the wire diagram of this vehicle.this is the VIN: 1HGCP26878A018004. Thank you
agree with zip and wetry they gave you a good start or you could seek help from your mech