solicito apoyo para descifrar una fuga de aceite del motor on 1996 Chrysler New Yorker

la fuga esta entre el cuerpo del tensor de banda de distribución, base tensora de una polea, cuerpo de monoblok y cárter

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I agree with answer one!
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yes me tooooooooooooooooooooooooo. lol
They might be talking about baking a cake as far as i know....
Cake recipe as follows (as per Google Translate):
Oil leak could be the cam position sensor, or valve cover gasket. Check also for proper oil level.

The following copied from Under Hood Service:
Chrysler issued a recall safety (No. 790) in January 1999 on the fuel rail due to a leakage problem with the O-rings in the fuel line. In addition, the fuel line on the passenger side may also crack and leak fuel creating a serious fire hazard. The memory array is to replace the fuel rail O-rings and reinforce the fuel line on the passenger side, if it is not broken. If the rail was broken, it must be replaced with a new Chrysler.

Pushrod; I finally fixed the Dakota, plugged injectors!
Bake at 350 for 30 Thanks for the heads up...unuaual for the injector problem on the Dodge but if it were easy, anybody could do this!!! It gets weird sometimes...Never tried the translator deal, hard enough just sticking to english, on some of these questions!!
I have been known to cook and do dishes at times but would rather be tinkering with mechanical things. Without Google Translate, I would speak only English except for some cursing in many many languages. lol With the translator, you just select the text, right click and then copy. Go to the translate box and paste, then select the languages. Easy as baking a cake. lol The Dakota sat for years with bad fuel in the throttle body, but with fresh fuel and some Barryman's injector cleaner at pump pressure the injectors started working again. I did manually pulse the injectors by jumpering straight to the battery though. Way cheaper than buying re-manufactured ones!
Cool, i remember that one, glad it's fixed! I will try the google thing!!
Fuga de aceite podría ser el sensor de posición de la leva, o junta de la tapa de la válvula. Chech también para el nivel de aceite correcto.

Chrysler solicitó un retiro de seguridad (N º 790), en enero de 1999, sobre el riel de combustible debido a un problema de fuga con las juntas tóricas de la línea de combustible. Además, la línea de combustible del lado del pasajero también podría agrietarse y combustible fugas creando un grave peligro de incendio. El arreglo de recuerdo es para reemplazar los rieles de combustible Juntas tóricas y para reforzar la línea de combustible del lado del pasajero, si no está rota. Si se rompió el ferrocarril, éste debe ser reemplazado por uno nuevo de Chrysler.
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