Volvo XC90 Problem Report

Volvo XC90 Software Upgrade May Fix Climate Control System Problems

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There have been problems with the climate control system not working at times. Volvo has made a Software upgrade for the AC control module is available that can correct certain climate control system faults.

fan speed button on the climate control stopped working -
Fan stays on all time -
blower motor stop working -
have had same trouble with fan speed control not responding or changing force of blower on its own - told I need new climate control module and software upgrade for approximately $1800 in part(s) and labor. Haven't done it yet as I as trying to find out if way of getting software upgrade without replacing climate control module to see if that fixes it (if you can even get such an upgrade without getting a new part/module??). -
intermittent AC -
Ace comes on blows cold air then starts blowing regular air. Ace is charge. no leaks -
I have had the system recharged and then took car back for them to check again, they could not duplicate the problem.. so did nothing. Happening again now and will return to dealer this evening. No solution - -
Fan will run when car is off climate control fan -
Blower motor stopped working. Still get air thru ducts if car is moving and recirc is off. Hoping it's a software thing but not holding my breath. This Volvo was purchased overseas with the military purchase program and we've had multiple problems (The mirror computer was completely replaced TWICE within months of purchase, etc). This is the first major problem out of warranty. -
Blower and A/C work Great. NOOOOO HEAT -
heat will not engage. blowers work AC seems to work. No heat comes from vents. but the seats get hot. Also, oil leak from AWD. Two out of five problems on one car, this is not good -
Ac stops at times and comes back randomly -
After driving 2 hours on highway in very hot day 100+ F. Blower speed control stop working. Blower start working in two stages off or full speed. During couple hours stop, after ignition off, blower did not stop and was working all time (2 hours). While next 1 hour drive temperature control stop working. Was stuck on cold. AC on/off button was working. -
the climate control fan, i can not stop. -
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