Volvo XC90 Problem Report

Volvo XC90 Audio System Problems May Be Due to Software Issues

(29 reports)

Problems with the audio system have been reported. There are software upgrades available that will address certain issues. Problems unrelated to software issues will require standard repair procedures.

On my XC90 with a 6-bay CD changer, the CDs suddenly began to jamb. Over the next few months / miles, the CD player quit working altogether, though the radio worked fine. A Volvo tech I spoke with stated that this is a common problem with this model car, and recommended a particular shop in town make a specialized repair, rather than replace the unit (the latter option would have cost $1400US). I followed his advice, and had the CD player repaired at Kurtz Car Stereo in Traverse City, MI for $298. The problem they found was with the elevator and carrier system within the CD player itself, in addition to having a faulty power supply. The original parts were rather frail and prone to failure, so the "fix" is one they have used very successfully on dozens of XC90s, at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole unit. A word of caution: before trying to buy a used CD player on-line thinking it will solve the problem, please be aware that your car's alarm system may not recognize a "new" replacement radio / CD player and promptly disable the vehicle's electrical system so you won't be able to start your car. Might be better, faster, cheaper, and much more effective to have your system's player repaired in-place. I have had no issues with my repair, and have enjoyed flawless performance from this fix. -
Shuts off on its own; on-off button has no effect -
CD player has taken in 6 CDs and won't play or eject any of them. Radio station selected is lost when car is shut off. When the car is restarted the radio defaults to 105.3. Not fixed yet. -
My CD's are stuck in the player I have tried everything to get them out with no luck I have read all the things that people have tried to do to get them out and I still have had no luck. I am hoping there is a recall on the cd player because this shouldn't happen to so many people with the XC90 I have the 2004 which I purchased used and the cd player worked for over 2 years before this happened. I am hoping I will read somewhere that Volvo will replace the unit free, I keep trying???? -
My CD player (6 disc) just stopped working. The CDs will not come out at all. The radio is functional but the CD player failed shortly after I purchased the vehicle (used) in 2012 with 66,000 miles. -
Radio volume goes load and moves to back speaker. We can't control the volume with the control knob. -
My Premium Audio system is not responding to keystrokes on the controls. It only loads disc into Tray 2, doesn't eject when you push the button. doesn't switch from Radio to CD mode unless at random, volume controls are unresponsive at best (both for the dash and steering controls. Do I have to change the unit to maintain an unbroken experience of the best sound experience available which is currently experienced at irregular intervals when the 2004 XC90 decides to intermittently blast premium sound out of its speakers. The volume control response is important as the high decibel constitutes a nuisance to my upscale neighbours. Let me quickly add that I'm using this SUV in Nigeria and any solution proferred should take consideration of the distance. -
the cd player stopped working and im unable to retrieve any cd's either. can only listen to the radio. -
Radio comes on for about 5 minutes and goe out..I park my car and come back in 30-45 minutes the radio come on,but goes out in about 5 minutes... -
Radio/stereo/backup assist shut off and on intermittently. -
Radio stopped working altogether -
Premium sound system works intermittently. Most often not at all. Have found no oddity remedies. -
Six disc player will not eject my discs (I was able to finally get one out). It will occasionally play one CD that is stuck in there but it says it is in slot 5.... then 2.... then 6 but plays the same song. Mostly get the Disc Unreadable error or the Deck error. -
CD player (single CD) is inop. -
CD Player quit working around 50k miles -
Radio changes source on its own -
i have the same problem with my truck. my cd player stop working and it is a 6 cd changer and none of the cd will eject. i took it to the dealer and they want to charge me 700.00 to fix it what sense does that make. THE DEALER ARE A RIP OFF. -
Complained several times about the audio quality of the radio, they updated the software several times, no fix, the radio audio quality has not improved, my other car, 2004 Rav4 has way better radio -
Volume goes up and down on its own. If I turn off the car with the #2 preset station on, it changes to an unprogrammed station (92.3) when I turn it back on. Dealer says they can't find anything wrong. -
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