Lexus ES350 Problem Report

Lexus ES350 Software Upgrade for Navigation & Heater Control Displays

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Various concerns with the navigation & heater control display, along with Bluetooth compatibility may be corrected by upgrading the appropriate software.

I had an accident on my 2010 ES 350. I rear ended a truck, minor damage to my bumper. Front Bumper got repair, since the accident, my stereo does not work. I think it may be a loose wire or fuse. The insurance company will not pay for it, since the damage was so minor, it was impossible for the stereo to be damage. Lexus first ran a $130 test just to tell me that it is not working (which I know that already). Lexus than told me that I need to replace the whole unit, I am afraid to ask them how that would cost me. What can I do, repair it on a college budget? Thank you -
I have a 2009 Lexus ES350 and on the naviagtion screen there is a Diagnosis check 1 displayed on the screen that will not go away. You are not able to control any navigation controls on the screen such as heat, map, bluetooth, and satelite radio. -
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