Software Updates for Powertrain Control Module Mayl Improve Shift Quality on Chrysler PT Cruiser

2.4L 4 cylinder (non-turbo)
Software updates to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) are available that can improve shift quality for rough up and/or down shifts. On higher mileage vehicles, other problems may cause shifting issues. Diagnoses may be required to isolate the cause. Anytime major transmission repairs are made the PCM software should be checked and updated as necessary.

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Average mileage: 85,955 (20,000–135,000)
7 model years affected: 2001, 2003, 2006, 2007, more2008, 2009, 2010
28 people reported this problem
20 people shared problem details
My pt cruiser down shifts hard when going into 1st gear when coming to a stop. I need to know if this is something that is very serious and should be fixed right away or will it be okay to drive the car like this for awhile.
Transmission issue. When trying to make the shift out of first the car just puts along with rpms reving. Then it slides back into higher gear. Suspect the integrated control module. other problems have been surfacing as well. Tried to have the dealership give me a software update only as was recommended at other sites but they refused. Where else can I go to see if that works before I start sinking hundreds of dollars into the car?
When slowing, down shifting from 2nd to 1st, a loud clunk sound and hard shift.
Problem with transmission shift
Won't shift out of first gear
Check engine light keeps coming off and on. Took my car to 3 different mechanics for a diagnostic and it came back each time that it is the transmission control module.
When slowing down the cruiser shifts hard going into 2nd gear.
I came to a stop light. I start to go and the engine light comes on, the car than has no power and dies. when I try to start the engine it accelerates than dies. this last about 5 to 10 minutes, than it will start. The light stays on for a couple days than shuts off. Than about one week latter it will do it again. I took it in to be checked when the light was on. They said the readings didn't make sense, than reset it. They think it might be the powertrain control module(pcm) or (DTC) P2074 MAP/TPCS Correllation. Now they want me to being it back in to a pressure check on the transmition. What do you think. The car is a PT Cruiser turbo 2.4L 2006
Hard shifting into 3 rd and 4th gear ,but not all the time.
Won't shift out of 1st gear
Noticing a hard shift sometimes when changing gears
My problem has not been fixed,the transmission will sometimes jerk when shifting into 3rd and 4th gear,but doesn't do it all the there a remedy for this? Please help,otherwise icam happy with the vehicle
My 2006 Manual Cruiser is having problems with the instrument panel gauges just go haywire and seems to slow down like it's going to cut off. It's being happening with my a/c running and I driving around 60 miles per hour, and it's very scary. It started happening after getting an error msg from the check engine light said something about the breather
Have been having intermittent problems while driving the car the dash gages (speedometer & Tach) to to 0. Lights come on and off and sometimes the car will stall but will start back up. I disconnected the plugs on the PCM (4) to look for corrosion and after putting them back on the car will not start now>
shifting erraticly sometimes noisy
When slowing down and trans downshifts it goes in low gear hard, you can feel the hard shift.
I bought this car used 9 months ago and have noticed it's difficult to shift into different gears, was considering relacing clutch all together. Wondering why Chrysler doesn't see all the problems with this type of vehicle and have more recalls instead of consumers having to fork over so much $ when it's a widely known problem.
Transmission shifting became very rough at speeds above 30 mph. An engine software update seems to have fixed the problem.
Down shift hard into 2nd.
Never ad it fixed
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