Jeep Liberty Problem Report

Jeep Liberty Check Engine Light with code P2302, P2305, P2308, P2311, P2314, P2317, and/orP2610

(8 reports)

The Check Engine Light may illuminate with code on or more of the following codes: P2302, P2305, P2308, P2311, P2314, P2317, P2610. Reprogramming of the PCM will be necessary to correct this concern.

engine light on, scanned it code P2311 comes up replaced the plugs and the coil pack for cylinder#4 as required, hooked battery up and started it, engine light on again, car has rough idle, and bucks and hesitates when going down the road when you give it gas. injector checked and fuel pressure and pump checked all ok. Code 2311 keeps coming up. checked wire harness the attaches to coil pack appears ok. need help not sure what to do. I read on this code also it has something to do with ignition current from PCM which is the computer Brain, I hope its not that. -

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