SOFT TOP on 1991 Mercedes-Benz 500SL

Dear Friend,
'My Soft Top on The Merc/500SL works Manually, and it Does not Operate Elictrical ( is it A Electrical Fault or is it a Hydraulic Fault, or What do I look for, and How can I make it work, and what is The Approximate Cost to get it Working.
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Frank ( Smokey) Jansz
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little complicated ...typically its the module that is in the compartment behind pass. seat. open the compartment and remove plastic interior . youll see a silver box which has relays for multiple syncing of windows and storage area. and locking down top. dealers want $1800.00 for unit. i found a guy who rebuilt for $800.00.easy slide installation have fixed many other issues call 810 4880370
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Hi Frank,
This system is very complex. If you want to look at it yourself, I would get the factory service manual, or go to
In addition to the above comments you should check the hydraulic fluid level in the pump. It is located in the trunk- remove the spare tire, then remove the black plastic cover- you should see it there.
can you let me know how you lower it manually step by step and what year is your car?