Mercedes-Benz R350 Problem Report

Mercedes-Benz R350 Brake Pads & Rotors May Wear After 20,000 Miles

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As a way to increase braking performance, the brake pads and rotors are make of a softer material and may be in need of replacement after approximately 20,000 miles; owners should be vigilant about getting their brakes checked.

have replaced front and rear pads twice each and car has 48K miles. -
Car brakes and rotors are shot! Also,need 4 new tires!!! Insane on a car that is town driven!! -
new rotor, pads and sensors ($900) -
brake rotors gone. cost to repair $578.00. steering flex system leaking steering fluid. estimated cost to repair $3734.55. I can not afford this cost and future problems. I am trying to get some assistance with this problem. owned car four months. -
I have gone gone thru brakes at least every 20,000, that sucks -
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