Lexus RX330 Problem Report

Lexus RX330 Sofrware Upgrade For GPS, Radio, and Heater Operation

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Various user interface issues regarding GPS, radio system, and heater controls, along with bluetooth operation have been addressed with a software upgrade. Our technicians recommend that if you have issues with these systems, checking for the latest software should be the first step in diagnoses.

My CD player doesn't work. It says "Error 4" and won't accept a disc, and won't eject the discs in it. It has not been fixed and the dealer blames it on homemade CDs. -
error 4 message, can not eject disc or play......... -
cd changer has been taken out for repair 3 times, error message 3 or 4 has returned in a very short time obviously every time. What kind of inferior product is in these cars?! This appears to be a big issue. -
GPS out of date. No free software upgrades known. -
Cd player will not accept cd's -
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the problem occurs after the car is running for about 5 to 10 minutes.