so confused on 2004 Chevrolet Malibu

i had a vacuum leak from the evap container so i replaced that and my car just keeps dying when I slow down or stop i got it chacked at a mechanics computer and they said the only thing that came up was catalytic converter but my maintenance light and traction control light was on now their off and it seems to b driving fine for the moment...ive only driven it a few miles so any suggestions???

by in Howell, MI on February 12, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on February 13, 2009
You will need to drive some more to see if the problem is corrected. Your stalling condition may also be caused by a dirty throttle body causing a low idle condition. If the check engine light comes on again have the codes check out. The catalytic converter may fail, setting a code p0420, this fault should be repaired but should not cause your stalling condition.
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